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Range and default value of torque reference, winding resistance and winding inductance  


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04/10/2020 4:51 pm  


the datasheet says, the default value for the torque reference is 0. However, the allowed range is only [0.2; 32.0] A.

The same is true for the winding resistance and inductance...

So which is it?



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04/10/2020 4:55 pm  

Dear @illylonka

Thanks, yes, you are right, there is a Typo in the datasheet, the Torque reference is from 0 to 32.0 in reality, we will fix it. 

by the way, for winding resistance and inductance, the interval doesn't interfere with the default value actually, to be precise, the default value intentionally left at 0 to make sure SOLO doesn't put a wrong number in calculations if the Identification is not done at all.

so the best way for a user is to make sure, at least 1 time, they have done an Identification of their motor, as long as the Motor and the wirings are the same it will be stored in the memory and no need to re-do it. but 1 time is a must.




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